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Feel the freedom of life!

Why would you worry about being shattered, if you can rebuild yourself

Why would you worry about people’s judgment, if you can be kind to yourself

Why would you worry about recognition, if you realize how good you are

Why would you worry about losing someone, if you know to trust yourself

Why would you worry about something going wrong, if you believe you can make it right

Why would you worry about failing, if you are willing to learn from your failures

Why would you worry about future, if you are confident of your present

Why would you worry about falling, if you have the courage to rise every time

Why would you worry about growing old, if you are content with yourself

Why would you worry about dying, if you are living every moment

Why should fear hold you down, if you can touch the skies with faith!

Keep the faith! Trust yourself! Reach for the skies!



Speak your Actions; Behave your Words!

Actions speak louder than words – which means what you do is more significant than what you say. However, what if what you say is not consistent with what you do? What if what you are saying is the exact opposite of what you do? You could be doing all the right things, but how often have you seen that your words have gotten you into trouble although you had extremely well-meaning actions/intentions?

In line with this is the other saying – Pen is mightier than the sword – One of the interpretations of this is that words can hurt more than stabbing with a sword. Let’s explore how.

Apparently, there’s a certain tribe in Solomon Islands, where if they want to kill a tree all they do is curse it for 30 days and the tree somehow dies on its own with all the negative energy. On the other hand, there is a beautiful practice in an African tribe where if someone does something harmful, they take the person to the center of the village and tell him all the good things he has done in the past. This helps the person remember the truth of his inner goodness which he had been temporarily disconnected. Click here to read more.

It has been found that even water responds to words. Imagine if 70-80% of our body is comprised of water and if we are using a lot of negative words and anger, that much part of our body gets affected by it.

Why waste all the vocabulary we know in communicating things that don’t add any value and also negate the value of our actions? The only control for a verbal diarrhea is within self – Being aware – Pausing for a split second before speaking. Putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes and thinking how we would feel if they were to use the kind of words we are planning to use. If we say something inappropriate, let’s be quick to apologize and learn. If we repeat the same mistakes, we may not expect to be forgiven always.

If you can align your actions to your intent, why not go one step further and align your words too. Actions anyways take more effort than words. Then why not put in a little more to watch the words and align them accordingly? It will surely go a long way in enhancing the quality of your relationship too. Rather than saying and expecting forgiveness, if we don’t mean something, then let’s not say it.  Why hurt a person with words while trying to save them through our actions? We all use our five senses – so telling someone, “Don’t hear what I am saying, but only see what I am doing”, may be irrational. On the other hand, it’s just so wonderful when caring actions are followed by respectful words.

Learn & Move on or Regret & Stagnate!

There are certain obvious benefits of problems. Sounds ironic? Let’s explore. After going through life’s rigmarole, it suddenly dawned on me with utmost clarity as to how much I have benefited with all the problems that I have faced so far.

One of the beliefs of excellence in NLP states that every problem has a solution. To expand on it, there are at least 3 things that happen when we face a problem. One – we find ways to solve it. Two – if don’t come close to solving a problem, we find creative ways to work around it. Three – if both of the above don’t happen – we LEARN something valuable. Think of the problem that you may have faced and check which of the three happened. It does ring a bell, doesn’t it? Now there’s a difference between imaginary problems and real problems. When we imagine problems, what we become good at is ‘worrying’. When we face real problems, what we become good at is ‘solving’. (And you know which is empowering).

It’s true though that at the time of the problem, I may not have been this wise to see the bright side of things. But over a period of time, whenever I revisited a problem time, I realized I have grown so much as a person and learnt so much from it. As a result, I now start thinking what learning could this experience be offering me, at the outset. Thinking this way has helped me stay calm and relaxed in troubled times. Also, the positive belief that something good always comes out of everything enables me to stay solution focused and gives greater confidence to deal with the situation at hand.

One classic example is Phil Hansen, a great artist whose uniqueness was to draw huge portraits with a combination of dots (pointillist drawings, as it is called). He developed a nervous disorder that left his hand with a permanent shake. Doctors said he could never draw a straight line again. Phil was initially disheartened. But later, worked around and decided that if not a straight line, he will draw with crooked lines itself. And he is back to drawing his usual magnificent art works. Take a look for yourself by clicking here.

When we look back a problem, we could do two things – reflect or regret. Reflecting is to healthily look at it and see what we learnt from it and move ahead. Regret is if we constantly feel bad about something that has already happened and either blame ourselves or others for it. This may not be a useful strategy as it only unlocks further un-resourceful states. The more we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their effect.

Look around you and look within you – just see the sheer magic of wonders that we create during problem times. Problems often bring out the best in us. So worry not of a problem that’s here, for it is this problem that’ll get you there, where you always want to be.


A Life Beyond Measure!

We humans and our innate desire to measure!
Eternally curious to know which is the tallest mountain, the deepest sea, the prettiest flower.
Ever wondered if the sea or the mountain cared if they were the highest or the deepest?
They simply are what they are!
Does the rose ever care if it is the prettiest flower?
It simply is!

Fancy measuring happiness in litres or kilograms
And saying I am 10 litres happy or 2 tons sad? 🙂
The most precious things in life are often not measurable
Like love, happiness, gratitude, hunger, compassion, devotion, determination, sincerity, etc.
In a competitive world, will quantity overpower quality? Nope!

What fun would it be, if we lived for a 100 years,
Married at the right age, had kids at the right age,
Worked till the right age, retired at the right age,
Died at the right age (if there ever is one) –
And if we are not happy at the end of the day,
If we’ve not made a difference to the world in which we existed!

We call it one year when the earth completes one revolution.
Because of that, our age goes up by one.
What if the earth took 1000 days to complete one rotation?
Does that mean we are younger – because the measure changes?

We are only as young as we imagine
As happy as we feel
As intelligent as we think
As charming as we believe!

Unique you are and unique you will be!
To exist in a relative measure all the time is an effort!
You are one of a kind and there’s no one else quite like you.
With whatever combination you are made of;
Celebrate life – without comparison – it surely is worth it!

Even if a 100 things may have gone wrong in the past,
The 101st is waiting to happen the right way.
Believe in it! And your belief shall make it come true.
Measure not your life with the past
For ahead, lies the best!