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Feel the freedom of life!

Why would you worry about being shattered, if you can rebuild yourself

Why would you worry about people’s judgment, if you can be kind to yourself

Why would you worry about recognition, if you realize how good you are

Why would you worry about losing someone, if you know to trust yourself

Why would you worry about something going wrong, if you believe you can make it right

Why would you worry about failing, if you are willing to learn from your failures

Why would you worry about future, if you are confident of your present

Why would you worry about falling, if you have the courage to rise every time

Why would you worry about growing old, if you are content with yourself

Why would you worry about dying, if you are living every moment

Why should fear hold you down, if you can touch the skies with faith!

Keep the faith! Trust yourself! Reach for the skies!



Even God can’t what you ‘won’t’ for yourself!

What is prayer? Prayer is a positive affirmation – seeking positive energies from the universe around us. Sometimes, when we pray we ask for things, wishes to be fulfilled. What we may not realize, is most of the things that we pray for, are very much within our reach to make it happen. Every time we pray, do we ask ourselves, what can I do to make it happen?

For example: We can pray to God for good health. However, God can’t help us any more than we can help ourselves by staying physically active. If we neglect our health while it is good and pray to God to keep us healthy, it won’t work. We have to do our bit of eating healthy, sleeping healthy and thinking healthy in order to stay healthy. We sometimes wish for miracles to happen, without doing our bit.

There was a man who prayed everyday religiously, “God please grant me a hundred thousand rupees in a lottery ticket”. The god was so touched by his devotion. He said, “Your wish is granted”. The next day, the man was waiting for the good news. But nothing happened. Slightly disappointed, the man again asked God for the hundred thousand rupees. God assured him. Days passed. In spite of his prayers and God’s assurances, he did not get the money. He was so annoyed that he started quarrelling with God. God smiled and said, “For me to grant the wish, you have to buy the lottery ticket first’.


God can’t give you the job you haven’t applied for
God can’t bless you with the talent that you haven’t tried for
God can’t fulfil your dream that you haven’t worked for
God can’t give you a cure or an answer that you aren’t ready for
God can’t create a good-will for you that you haven’t earned
God can’t heal a relation that you don’t respect
God can’t make you happy unless you are grateful for all that you have already

You can visit all the holy places in the world and yet not find what you hoped for. Because what you have been looking for is right within you. Do all that you are ‘supposed to do’, and all that you ‘can do’ for yourself and those around you. And then turn to God. You’ll find God wherever you turn.

If we can’t be kind to a person in need, we are wasting an opportunity that He has given. If we can’t talk good about the people we meet, we are wasting time reciting His prayers. If we can’t see the goodness around us and appreciate it, we are wasting time decorating His idol that we created while not appreciating His creation.

It is incongruent to pray every day on one hand and talk bad and do bad on the other hand. Anything that we say or do is accounted for and prayer cannot take away the bad that we accumulate by thinking bad, talking bad or doing bad. The only hope of prayer is that it may motivate us to lead better lives at least moving forward. It may help divert some time and energy from gossip which creates negative energy to something more positive. It may help divert our mind from some unproductive thoughts, to something more soothing.

We don’t need to pray to God for something that is in our hands. Let’s do our bit and then pray. For all we know, our life itself may become a beautiful, inspiring prayer.

Kindness – It is Intent over Acquaintance!

Every stranger could be a friend in the making and we never know when who comes to our rescue when we need help the most. Goodness always begets goodness they say.

For the last couple of months, I had an issue with my electricity bills. Although I was making the payments on time, it wasn’t reflecting in my account. When I was looking at all the receipts, I suddenly noticed that I had been entering a wrong account number all these months and hence, it wasn’t reflecting. In my mails too, I was mentioning the same incorrect account number and hence they confirmed receipt of payment. But in the apartment, the engineer who takes the meter reading saw that there was no payment for my account. When I realized my mistake, I was nervous. I wondered if they’ll ask me to pay all the amounts again because it was my fault.

Hesitantly, I went to their office. The chief Engineer looked at the bills and noticed the different account number. He was extremely polite in saying that the error was because I was making payments to the wrong ID and I should take care of that in the future. He asked another officer to have the funds transferred to my account without any qualms. What I thought may be a complex issue, he resolved in a few minutes. I profusely thanked both the officers and came out beaming. I was so impressed with their kindness and solution oriented behavior. I learnt a lot that day.

Firstly, I learnt that there are better ways to deal with a mistake than asking the person why they made a mistake. Here, I was feeling guilty but they made me feel better and helped me rectify it.

Secondly, I realized that people usually intend to do their best. Being polite and kind to every person around me and greeting them with a smile is a way of respecting their goodness within.

Recently, when my father was hospitalized, there was a ward boy and a nurse who became our most trusted and dependable friends. They were there for us round the clock. One other stranger who stuck around like a ‘friend in need’ is a cab driver. He would make a detour of an hour to drop either me or my mother at home each night from the hospital. He didn’t have to do that. He could’ve well said it isn’t convenient. But when I asked him, he said, “When someone is in need that’s when we should to be there for them the most. That is the true purpose of human existence”. I was blown away by his simple yet profound answer. These new friends gave me new realizations with the way they served a complete stranger – and no expectations whatsoever. They took care of us as if we were their own. They greeted us with a smile every day, even with the umpteen requests we had, and served us with such care. It has been a humbling experience to meet so many wonderful people from different walks of life who serve so selflessly and don’t expect anything in return. Thank you, for, I saw you as a stranger, but you helped me as a friend. You believe that, “To help, I don’t need to know the person. All I know is that they need help and I can extend that.” How magnificent is that!